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we will be your Teamsponsor New Legion Paintball supports your team on the road to fame. Whether Millennium Series, any league, only for the victory in the woods or versus your friends. With us you expect a competent support in all matters relating to technology and eqipment. Of course, discounts are provided to your team for all our products in our online shop. So do not hesitate to contact us either by phone or by mail.

How it works

Paintball sport is focusing a lot on paintballs, also called "paint". There are so many types of different quality. The paintball itself is made of a gelatin shell with various hardness of the shell. The hardness of the shell depends on the paintball grade and type. Paintball filling contains a mixture of potato starch, vegetable oil and food coloring depending on the quality. Paint is environmentally friendly and is degraded within approximately two weeks of biological residue.

There are basically three different types of paint. The first type, called Field Paintball. This paintball is in particular interesting for field operators and for training purposes of paintball teams. The field ball has got a harder shell. This ball can be used in any of the various markers on the market without any problems. The filling is kept rather watery, that means also a facilitation for field operators who have to clean up their Sup Air coverage after the games.

The High End Paintball, the queen of paintballs is the ultimate ball for each player. Normally, the high end paintball shell is very fragile, the filling is thick and with bright color, which is very good visible at the opponent and hard to wipe off. Pretty tough for those who are on the losers' side.

And finally there is one more paint grade, the premium paintball. It's a medium quality paintball and in between the other two grades. The shell is fragile and breaks easy at the opponent; the consistency of the filling is slightly thicker and more visible at the opponent. Premium paint gets used for tournaments and for trainings by paintball teams. There have enforced some paintball manufacturers in Germany. We distribute brands such as New Legion, Celtic or Hostile.


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